16GB or 64GB — Which iPhone SE Storage Capacity Should You Buy?

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 24 Mar 2016

iphone-se-stockWhen purchasing a new iPhone, you need to consider the “Three C’s” — cost, color, and capacity. The color is a personal preference. Cost is dependent on the amount of cash in your wallet, and capacity is one of the most important, but often overlooked factors. Before you buy the iPhone SE, read our guide below so you can choose the optimal storage capacity for your needs.

Capacity and Pricing

No matter how you look at it, additional space means more money. How much more does this extra capacity cost? It’s surprisingly reasonable. The entry-level iPhone SE offers 16GB of storage for $399, while the $499 64GB iPhone SE qudruples the capacity for only $100 more.

16GB 64GB
iPhone SE (no contract) $399 $499
iPhoneSE (monthly installment) $13.30/monthly $16.64/monthly

In most cases, it makes financial sense to spend that extra $100 to increase your storage capacity, as long as you need that extra space. This bit of insight brings us to the next question you should ask before purchasing a phone– how much space do you really need?

General Storage Advice

Many consumers look at the price tag and go for the cheapest model that is available. This strategy is easy on the wallet, but it can cause a significant amount of frustration down the line. You won’t be jubilant in six months from now when you run out of space while capturing a memorable moment with the camera.

Ask yourself — do you download a lot of music, watch a lot of movies, try out a lot of apps or take a lot of photos and videos? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then don’t skimp on your storage — purchase the largest capacity phone you can afford.

There are many people (myself included) who opt for the 16GB iPhone to save money, but that decision turns out to be a bad one when they hit a wall because their device because it is filled to its maximum capacity. Deleting photos and removing apps every time you want to download a new album is a drag. Spend the money upfront now to get the storage that you think you will need. It will save you a lot of headaches later on. Trust me on this one.


Who should buy the 16 GB iPhone SE model?

There is only one type of customer who should consider purchasing a 16GB iPhone and that person is the non-user. This person is buying the phone as a backup, as a house phone for the kids or as a phone for a relative who will only use it for making the occasional phone call.

Who should buy the 64GB model?

If you are not sure which model to purchase, then go with the 64GB version. You won’t regret it. Apps are getting bigger and more complex; the new Apple Music service makes it easier than ever to save songs for offline listening, and a fantastic camera with 4K support means you will take more pictures than ever. All these activities, especially the 4K video, require storage space and a lot of it. Don’t skimp with storage if you plan to use your phone for any of these activities.

The 64GB model offers plenty of space for photos, music, movies and apps. You can use your device for months without deleting a file and still have room to spare. Also when new iOS updates roll out, you’ll be able to install them without worrying about having enough space.

Which capacity will you buy?

Choosing the right capacity is an important decision, but one that is made easier with the iPhone SE since Apple is only selling it in 16GB or 64GB capacities. Which capacity iPhone do you think you will buy? Let us know in the comments which one you will choose and why.

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