2018 iPhones to Feature Improved Face ID Algorithm for Faster Unlock Speeds

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jun 2018

2018 iPhone

A supply chain report based claims that Apple will be improving the Face ID algorithm on the 2018 iPhone lineup to speed up the unlocking process and improve its reliability by up to 300 percent.

The TrueDepth module used by Apple on its 2018 iPhone will remain the same as the one found on the 2017 iPhone X. The company had invested heavily in the TrueDepth camera system and given its complexity, it is unlikely that it would be making any radical changes to it for its 2018 iPhone lineup.

However, Face unlock on the iPhone X feels slower when compared to other Android phones which only rely on the front camera of their device to offer facial unlock. With no improvements in the hardware, it makes sense that Apple is focusing on the algorithm to speed up the overall unlocking process on its 2018 iPhones. The improved algorithm should also help improve the overall reliability of Face ID.

The report also claims that Apple will only be launching the iPhone X Plus with dual-SIM functionality. The other two iPhones will continue to feature single SIM connectivity. While dual-SIM phones are not common in the United States, it is extremely popular among consumers in Asian markets like India and China. In fact, almost every smartphone launched in these markets come with dual-SIM functionality even if they are launched in the United States and Europe with a single SIM.

Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones this year. The cheapest of them is going to feature a 6.1-inch notched LCD display, while the other two variants are going to sport a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED panel. All three handsets are going to feature a TrueDepth camera system with Face ID functionality.

Our Take

Apple’s TrueDepth camera system might be more sophisticated than the competition but the unlock speed of Face ID is definitely slower than face unlock found on other Android devices. Thus, it definitely makes sense that Apple is improving Face ID’s unlock speed by improving the algorithm behind it.

[Via IT68]