2019 iPhone XS Max Successor to Feature Triple-Camera Setup, iPhone XR to Get Dual-Camera

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Jan 2019

A new WSJ report claims that Apple will again be unveiling three new iPhones this year. The company plans to add a triple-camera setup to the high-end iPhone XS Max successor, with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR successors featuring a dual-camera setup.

Right now, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feature a dual-camera setup while the iPhone XR features a single-camera setup. It is likely that the 2019 iPhone XR will gain a secondary telephoto lens like the iPhone XS. It remains to be seen what the third lens on the high-end ‘iPhone XI’ will be for. Most Android OEMs have recently started adding an extreme wide-angle lens on their flagship devices and Apple might take a similar approach. 

A leaked render from earlier this week had also confirmed that the iPhone XI will feature a triple-camera setup.

Apple will also continue to stick to an LCD display for the 2019 iPhone XR successor. This is despite the iPhone XR not doing as well as Apple had hoped for. Citing sources, the report states that the 2019 iPhone XR has been in development for months and it is not possible for Apple to make the switch to OLED panels now.  

The WSJ report claims that for 2020 iPhone lineup, Apple is planning on entirely switching to OLED panels. By then, the OLED supply-chain would have likely matured enough that Apple’s requirements will be fulfilled. Right now, the company has to solely rely on Samsung for OLED panels as LG Display and other vendors are simply not able to produce quality OLED panels on a scale. 

The report is light on other features of the 2019 iPhones. Apart from the camera and a faster processor, we are likely going to see Apple debut some AR features with the devices as well. 

[Via WSJ]