Eight cool iOS 7 features that Apple didn’t talk about

BY Rounak Jain

Published 11 Jun 2013

Apple showcased some major new features in iOS 7 at the WWDC 2013 Keynote. But iOS 7 has tons of new features and improvements that Apple didn’t have the time to talk about yesterday. Here are sone of them:

New Dialer with relocated delete key

The dialer has been redesigned along with the rest of the phone app, and the delete key has changed its position from being on the bottom right in iOS 6 to the top right in iOS 7. (via iFans)


Separate FaceTime app for iPhone

FaceTime is no longer a part of the Phone app, and is instead available as a separate standalone app just like on the iPod touch and iPad. FaceTime in Phone.app wasn’t exactly easy to figure for new users, but this makes the service more discoverable.

facetime ios 7 app

Audio only FaceTime

There’s now an option to initiate an audio-only FaceTime call with other iOS users, just like on Skype or Viber. Let’s hope carriers don’t block this feature on iPhones.

Slide to unlock anywhere

iOS 7 has a new slide to unlock screen, and now you can slide (left to right) anywhere on the lock screen instead of a pre defined area to unlock your device.


Compass app is now also a level

Along with the thousands of torchlight apps on the App Store, Apple’s also killed all the “levelling” apps by building the feature into the Compass app. The level feature is present on the second page of the compass app.



Instead of a separate page, Spotlight search can now be accessed by swiping your finger down in the middle of the home screen. (via SAI)

spotlight search ios 7 1

Some icons are live

The clock icon is dynamic, and updates every second to show the correct time. We hope this feature is not only extended to stock apps like Weather, but also made available to third party apps.


Newsstand can finally go inside a folder

Given that most iOS users rarely use Newsstand, it was annoying that it couldn’t be added to a “Useless” folder. The good news is iOS 7 lets you put Newsstand to a folder.


Tell us the minor features/animations/enhancements you’ve spotted in iOS 7 in the comments below.