Adobe press release confirms 4GB of RAM in iPad Pro [Update]

BY Killian Bell

Published 10 Sep 2015


Apple never confirms exactly how much RAM is packed into its iOS devices — we normally have to wait until they are torn down to get that information. But thanks to Adobe, we now know exactly how much memory is built into the powerful new iPad Pro.

Adobe was one of the guests that appeared onstage to demonstrate iPad Pro apps during Apple’s keynote on Wednesday, and shortly after its presentation, it issued a press release for its brand new iOS app called Photoshop Fix.

Within that press release, Adobe pointed to some of the specifications that make iPad Pro “great for creative workflows,” such as its 12.9-inch display with 2732×2048 resolution, and its 64-bit A9X processor. Adobe also confirms the device will boast 4GB of RAM.

Not only is that more RAM than we’ve ever seen in an iOS device before, but it doubles the 2GB that is featured in the iPad Air 2. It’s also four times as much as you get with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and even the iPad mini 3.

Again, this isn’t confirmed by Apple, but given that Adobe has had early access to iPad Pro to build new apps for it, we have no reason to believe the information isn’t accurate. We’ll find out for certain when the device goes on sale next month and gets its customary iFixit teardown.

Update: Adobe has now updated its press release to remove the reference to iPad Pro’s RAM, but we still don’t doubt that the company’s information is accurate.

[Adobe via G for Games]