Adobe Adds New Features to Photoshop for Mac and iPad On Its 30th Birthday

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Feb 2020

Adobe Photoshop For Apple iPad

Adobe is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Photoshop by adding new features to the iPad and Mac app. For Mac users, perhaps the biggest UI improvement is the addition of Dark mode. The mode will adhere to the system-wide theme so if you enable Dark mode on your Mac, Photoshop will also automatically switch to a dark theme.

The content-aware fill workspace has received improvements and allows one to make multiple selections and apply multiple fills without leaving the workspace. The quality of Lens Blur output has been improved and it now does its processing on the GPU. This not only improves the realism of the blur, but it is now also faster and more power-efficient.

ADobe Photoshop Dark mode

There are also some performance improvements, with clicking interactions like panning and zooming feeling smoother and more responsive. The improvement will be particularly noticeable while working with bigger documents. Photoshop for iPad is also getting some major improvements and features today. The app now gains the Object Selection tool which first debuted on the desktop client three months ago.

The Object Selection tool is designed to give you speed, but also more control over the selection process on more complex images. For example, it is the right tool if you have images with multiple objects, or when selecting a part of an object, or if you want this part but not that part, or need to isolate more than one object in an image.

Type settings are now also available for Photoshop on the iPad. You can now add a type layer, character and options properties.

[Via Adobe]