Adobe Photoshop for iPad to Get New Features with Upcoming Updates after Poor Initial Reviews

BY Asif Shaik

Published 21 Nov 2019

The first version of Adobe Photoshop for the iPad was released earlier this month with huge fanfare, only to disappoint users due to the lack of a few essential features. Following extremely poor user reviews of its image editing app on the App Store (an average of two stars), Adobe has unveiled via its blog that it will roll out new features to Photoshop with upcoming updates.

The software firm, which makes various tools for creative professionals, has revealed a few new features that will be a part of Adobe Photoshop on the iPad. By the end of the year, Adobe will bring its AI-powered Select Subject tool which uses the Sensei machine learning technology to automatically select the subject in an image. This will make complex selections much easier. This feature was first showcased during the Adobe MAX keynote presentation. Adobe claims that no other image editing app for the iPad has this functionality.

Select Subject Tool In Adobe Photoshop For iPadOS

Adobe has also promised to make the cloud document syncing much faster by making incremental updates and changes to PSD files. This improvement will be released to the Photoshop app in December of this year. In the first half of next year, Adobe plans to bring the Refine Edge brush. It is one of the most important tools for Photoshop users as it allows complex, soft edge selections of challenging elements such as hair and fur. The tool is used for various other purposes that involve complex selections.

Refine Edge Tool In Adobe Photoshop App For iPadOS

The company will also make it easier to retouch images by adding curves for tonal adjustments. It will also continue to improve adjustment layers. Photoshop for iPad will also receive Adobe Fresco’s brush sensitivity feature and the ability to rotate the canvas, making it easier to perfectly position the canvas to any angle. Adobe will also bring the integration of Lightroom workflows in the Photoshop app for iPadOS. Using this upcoming feature, users will be able to edit RAW images in the Lightroom app for the iPad and import them to Photoshop through workflows that were designed specifically for Apple’s tablet.

So, are you excited about the upcoming version of Adobe Photoshop for the iPad? Let us know through your comments.