AirPods Wireless Charging Case Shows an Image of AirPower on The Back

BY Evan Selleck

Published 25 Mar 2019

Apple has never given up entirely on AirPower, its wireless charging mat accessory. Even when times have been grim.

But it is certainly starting to feel like AirPower might actually be about ready to launch. And there has never been a clue as strong as this latest one. Reports have confirmed that on the packaging for the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, there appears to be an image of the AirPower wireless charging mat itself. That’s right: AirPower is pictured on the packaging material itself.

If that’s an oversight, and not a direct reference to a real product that’s launching soon, that’s, well, pretty bad.

The back of the box does show the pill-shaped wireless charging mat, which is quite distinctive of AirPower. That picture is shown with a Lightning cable charging the mat itself, and then you can place the Wireless Charging Case for the AirPods directly on the mat to charge that accessory. It’s all pretty straightforward, but it’s obviously exciting for anyone who has been waiting for AirPower ever since it was first announced in late 2017.

As for the new AirPods and the Wireless Charging Case, that was announced last week. There were rumors that AirPower would arrive by the end of that week, but now the latest rumor suggests it will arrive in “late March“. That would be this week, for those keeping track, since Apple is not likely to launch a new product on the weekend.

So it looks like we can expect, or at least hope, that we’ll see AirPower launch this week sometime.

Our Take

Seriously, Apple, just launch AirPower already.

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Depending on how much AirPower costs, do you plan on buying it?

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