Google announces Android Auto, its in-car software to compete with Apple’s CarPlay

BY Jason

Published 25 Jun 2014

android auto

At Google I/O today, the company unveiled Android Auto, a platform to bring the Android experience to in-car touchscreen entertainment systems.

Android Auto competes with Apple’s CarPlay head-on, aiming to run on the same car systems as CarPlay.

Much like CarPlay, Android Auto activates once you connect your Android device to your car, and shows you maps, music, and apps on the screen in an interface that is built for driving. While touch is an input channel, Google’s also bringing its voice recognition tech to Android Auto to let users do things with the device without taking their eyes off the road.

android auto 1

Android Auto gives users access to Google Maps powered navigation, your text messages and phone calls, your contextually aware Google Now cards, your music and third-party apps including MLB TV, Pandora, Pocket Casts and more.

android auto 2

Google has partnered with a number of car makers, who’ll be building Android Auto in their cars starting later this year. Users will need phones or tablets running the newly announced Android L to be compatible with Android Auto systems. You can check out Google’s official page for Android Auto here.

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