Another iPhone Explodes, This Time In Brazil

BY Yatri

Published 1 Dec 2011

Another report has come in of a user’s iPhone exploding, this time in Brazil. In contrast to this week’s earlier episode, this one looks to be in worse condition.

A Brazilian website, Blog Do iPhone, reports that a user – Ayla Mota woke up to a bad smell and saw that sparks were flying from the screen of her iPhone 4 and that the room was full of smoke. She unplugged the device from the wall outlet and opened the window to let out the smoke before leaving for safety. She was thankfully not hurt.

This is not the first incident we’ve seen. Earlier this week, a Regional Express passenger’s iPhone “self-combusted” just after landing in Sydney. That device was either an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S. Ayla Mota’s was an iPhone 4 that she had recently bought in France, and her warranty only covers devices bought in Brazil.

iPhone 4, exploded screen

It’s unclear as to what the ultimate cause of each incidence was, and whether or not it’s related to the recent start of iPhone production in Brazil.

[Blog Do iPhone via Mashable]