Apple adds Beats Music to ‘Apps Made by Apple’ list

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Aug 2014

Beats in Apps Made by Apple

Beats Music, one of the reasons usually mentioned behind Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Electronics, has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Most of which is from Apple, which has just added the application to a very prominent list within the App Store.

As many iOS and Mac users have found, when you power on an Apple product for the first time, you’ll more than likely see a prompt to download Apple apps before you get around to downloading any others. Apple’s offerings include apps like Paper, Numbers, iBooks, and Apple Store. However, the company has recently added one more: Beats Music.

With its promotion to the official list of “Apps Made by Apple,” the Beats Music music streaming app will certainly see plenty of new eyeballs, especially later this year, as people buy new iOS-based products. You can find the list through the Quick Links section, either in the iOS App Store or the desktop iTunes client.

At the beginning of August, Apple officially acquired Beats, and subsequently welcomed the company to the Apple family immediately after. Recently, Beats Music presented a quick documentary about Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing film based in Brooklyn, and published the 22-minute video online, which ended in a massive block party.

While Beats Music is a free app to download, it does take a $9.99 monthly subscription to actually use, which boasts a features like verified badges, sentence history, and more. As it stands, Apple reportedly has no plans to merge Beats Music with iTunes Radio.

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