Apple Arcade Is Now Live for iOS 13 Users

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 19 Sep 2019

Apple Arcade

If you have been waiting with bated breath for Apple Arcade and iOS 13, your wait is over! Apple has released iOS 13 and with it arrives the Apple Arcade. The iOS 13 arrives with new features like system-wide Dark Mode, new Reminders app, overhauled Siri and Maps. Apple Arcade is grabbing a lot of attention especially since the gaming subscription service offers 100 exclusive games for $4.99/month.

Apple has already published a list of games that will be currently available on Apple Arcade. Moreover, a Redditor has already segregated the list of Apple Arcade games based on genre, multiplayer, controller support and much more. With Apple Arcade you will gain unlimited access to 100+ new games on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The best part is that Arcade offers Family Support which means you can share the $4.99 subscription with your Family (up to 6 members) for no extra charge.

Apple Arcade will appear on your device once you update to iOS 13. The new gaming service will support wireless controllers like PS4 DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller. Meanwhile, Apple might partner with a third party or release a wireless controller of its own for Arcade. Furthermore, the gaming service will not feature any ads, tracking or a money-sucking freemium model. So for $4.99 you and your family will get 100 plus exclusive across all Apple devices.

Other Apple Arcade feature includes offline support for games, you can continue from where you left off even if you switch devices, exclusive titles from studios like Capcom and Konami, new games added every month and much more. Apple is also offering a free one month trial for Apple Arcade. So far, Apple Arcade hands-on review has left both, the casual and hardcore gamers impressed.

How to use Apple Arcade?

Games offered under Apple Arcade will come with a ‘Try it Free’ button. You are required to click on the button in order to subscribe for Apple Arcade. Once done Try it Free’ button will change to ‘Get’ button. Now you can download and try out all the games. Apple is offering a total of 100 games that are exclusive to Apple Products. Furthermore, Apple is also offering a new Arcade section on its App Store and will offer trailers and gameplay videos for Apple Arcade games.