Apple Confirms Its Using Google Cloud To Store Encrypted iCloud User Data

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 26 Feb 2018

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Apple has traditionally relied on cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft for iCloud and its other cloud services. The company never confirmed this officially but the security documents posted by Apple periodically have always hinted at Apple using the cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft.

Now, a refreshed document from Apple which was first posted in January 2018 reveals that Apple is now using Google Cloud for powering some parts of iCloud. More specifically, Apple is using Google Cloud for storing data of iCloud users.

The latest update doesn’t indicate whether Apple is using any Google cloud services other than core storage of “objects” like photos and videos. The document also doesn’t make it clear when Apple first started storing data in Google’s cloud. Apple and Microsoft didn’t respond to requests for comment.

A previous report had confirmed that Google had won a multi-billion dollar deal with Apple to power some of its cloud services but there was never an official confirmation from any of the companies.

Google’s win is Microsoft’s loss as the updated security document has no mention of the company’s Azure cloud services anymore. Apart from Google, Apple also continues to rely on Amazon’s S3 cloud services for data storage purposes.

[Via CNBC]