Apple Fined 10M Euro by Italy Over False iPhone Water Resistance Marketing Claims

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Nov 2020

Apple has been fined 10 million euro ($12 million) by the Italian Antitrust Authority for misleading claims about the water-resistance capabilities of iPhones.

Apple claims that iPhone 8 and newer iPhones are IP67/8 certified meaning they can survive being submerged in water to a certain extent. However, the regulator found that the company’s marketing claims did not make it clear that the claims were only valid under specific conditions like the phone being submerged in static and pure water. Apple only notes in its ads that iPhone 8 and newer are water-resistant at depths of up to four meters for up to 30 minutes.

The Italian regulator also fined Apple for not covering liquid damage on iPhones despite marketing the water-resistance capabilities of the device. Despite newer iPhones coming with an IP rating, Apple tends not to honor its standard warranty when it comes to liquid damage. As per the regulator, this hinders consumer rights and goes against the Consumer Code in Italy.

Apart from slapping Apple with a $12 million fine, Apple will also have to link to the anti-trust body’s findings on its Italian homepage.

Apple was previously fined by the Italian Antitrust Authority for slowing down older iPhones due to their degraded batteries and not making this clear to consumers. Back then also, it was slapped with a 10 million euro fine.

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