Apple Gives Retail Stores a Makeover With iPads

BY Jason

Published 22 May 2011

Apple Retail Store

Apple has given their retail stores a makeover to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their retail stores. The paper signs next to products have been replaced with iPads to provide customers more interactive information.

This new retail experience is internally referred to as “Apple Store 2.0”.

As expected, Apple retail stores in Australia and other countries are opening up on Sunday with these new changes. MacPricesAustralia has provided the following details:

  • iPads display product prices & information for products.
  • iPads display product features, prices and lets you compare between models.
  • Use the iPad to ask a specialist to come to you.
  • Apple store staff appear to be wearing party hats.

Here are some photos from an Apple store in Australia (courtesy MacStories):

You can also checkout the video of what the new retail experience looks like (courtesy Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara):

MacRumors has made some interesting observations based on the photos:

the interactive iPads aren’t powered through the Dock connector. The cabling disappears behind the iPads. The home buttons don’t do anything.

Update 1:

Apple has come a long way since it introduced the first ever Apple Retail Store in Tysons Corner, VA ten years back. Apple has opened 324 retail stores so far. Checkout the video of Steve Jobs giving a private tour of Apple’s first retail store:

Update 2:

Apple has also given retail employees a note, which explains:

What’s so special about yesterday?

Over the past 3,652 yesterdays, we’ve done some amazing things. We’ve opened 325 stores. In 11 countries. With 2.1 million square feet of space. And most importantly, we’ve welcomed over 1 billion customers.

Our 10-year history is something to be proud of. But at the same time, it’s just so, well, yesterday.

So let’s talk about tomorrow. That’s a day we can work with. It’s a day to launch new products as only Apple can. A day we can build new stores that are even more iconic. And create breakthrough programs to help people embrace technology like never before. It’s a day to do thing s no one has even dreamed of yet.

We’re not content to rest on our yesterdays. We’ll continue to move forward. To make the most of tomorrow. And every day after that.

What do you think of Apple’s new retail experience? Do you plan to visit a local Apple Store to check it out? Let us know in the comments.