Apple Reportedly Developing Hollow Batteries for Apple Car with Help from South Korean Company

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 Aug 2016

Apple Car concept

Apple is still hard at work on the unofficial Apple Car project, codenamed Project Titan, and one element must include the battery.

A new report from ETNews states that Apple could be getting help from a small company located in South Korea. The company is said to be comprised of about 20 employees, but they are described as “expert technologists in batteries,” and they’ve been brought in to co-develop batteries with Apple for the Apple Car.

As the report states, Apple wants to develop its own batteries based on the Korean company’s patents, as related to hollow battery technology. It goes on to say that the batteries are cylindrical lithium-ion secondary batteries, with the centers hollowed out:

“Because batteries create most heat from the center due to chemical reactions, this company has created batteries where air flow and cooling are smooth in the center of batteries and this can minimize installation of separate cooling device or a device that prevents over-heating. They are also advantageous in high output. By utilizing this space, it is easy to design parallel connection, which is to expand battery capacity, in these batteries.”

The South Korean company has apparently signed a non-disclosure agreement recently, and therefore the name of the company can’t be revealed. However, MacRumors discovered some details that could shed some light on which company has been tapped to work with Apple. In Europe, a the Patent Office has a patent application submitted by a company based out of South Korea named Orange Power. That company has patent apps for hollow secondary batteries, and has 25 employees in its Research and Development department — with 33 in total. While it’s possible Orange Power is the company co-developing the batteries with Apple, it’s also possible it’s another.

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