Apple-IBM Partnership Brings Machine Learning Using Watson and Core ML

BY Chethan Rao

Published 20 Mar 2018

Apple and IBM partnership

Apple and IBM have partnered for a variety of enterprise solutions that we see in the form of iOS enterprise apps today. The two companies have now announced the combination of Watson with Core ML, bringing the ability for apps on iOS to become smarter using machine learning capabilities.

Mahmoud Naghshineh, General Manager for IBM Partnerships and Alliances said – “Apple developers need a way to quickly and easily build these apps and leverage the cloud where it’s delivered. [The partnership] lets developers take advantage of the Core ML integration.”

IBM has also launched a cloud console to bridge the gap between the machine learning process and placing them within Apple apps. Data will be shared back and forth with the Watson to make algorithms smarter and fetch you better results.

The process is relatively simplified with the first step involving the creation of a machine learning model using Watson. Following this, the model will have to be converted into Core ML, placed within the app, and subsequently sent out using IBM’s MobileFirst platform.

Apple introduced Core ML at the WWDC last year as a means to offer users the ability to convert machine learning models into real-time apps that access data off third-party sources’ repository. While it may seem like an unlikely merger, the two companies have been building enterprise solutions for quite some time.

This partnership aims to leverage IBM’s bevy of machine learning tools and convert them into functioning iOS apps. One possible implementation of the app is where this feature can be used to detect issues with hardware by pointing the camera towards it or uploading an image. With the data bouncing back and forth with the Watson, the algorithm will get smarter and effective in due course of time.

IBM added Watson to the MobileFirst platform back in 2016. This gave wider access to IBM’s APIs like Natural Language Processing and Watson Conversation. With machine learning being the prime focus for several silicon valley companies, it’s good to see that Apple is not too far behind either.

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