Apple In ‘Advanced Talks’ To Acquire PowerVR GPU Supplier Imagination Technologies

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Mar 2016


Apple is reportedly in “advanced talks” to acquire its long time GPU supplier, Imagination Technologies. The company has been supplying Apple with powerful GPUs for iPhones and iPads since the A4 chip that debuted inside the iPhone 4.

To meet Apple’s demand, Imagination Technologies has worked closely with Apple and developed custom models of its high-end GPUs to better suit the Cupertino company’s demand. Besides Apple, Imagination Technologies also supplies its GPUs to Intel and other chip vendors, though its high-end GPUs have remained exclusive for Apple’s A-series chips.

Despite supplying Apple with GPUs for all its iOS devices, Imagination Technologies have been struggling since a long time, which is why Apple considering acquiring the company should not surprise followers of the company. The company already owns more than 10% of the shares of Imagination Technologies. In mid-March itself, Imagination Technologies announced that as a part of its restructuring its business, it will be laying off around 350 employees.

In 2008, Apple had acquired a chip design company called PA Semi, which eventually led to the former designing and creating its own A-series chips, which are widely regarded as among the best in the industry. Thus, if Apple ends up acquiring Imagination Technologies, I’d expect the company to start designing its own GPUs as well. This will allow the company to not only push the envelope further in terms of performance, it will also allow it to better optimise iOS to work in harmony with the GPU. Considering that Apple already works so closely with Imagination Technologies, I am surprised it has not already acquired the company.

[Via Ars Technica]