Leaker Claims Apple Will Launch Two 13-inch MacBooks at November 10 Event

BY Asif Shaik

Published 2 Nov 2020

2020 13-inch macBook Pro

A few minutes ago, Apple announced that it will be holding an event on 10th November. While everyone is expecting the Cupertino-based tech giant to launch Macs powered by Apple Silicon at the event, there isn’t much info about which models of Mac will make their debut. Well, a new leak has popped up online, giving us an idea about what to expect from the event.

According to a popular Twitter account that goes by @L0vetodream, Apple will be launching two 13-inch MacBooks. We are guessing that one would be a 13-inch MacBook and another would be a 13-inch MacBook Pro. This Twitter account is known for leaking information about Apple’s upcoming products and we think it is safe to believe its latest leak.


Apple revealed its plans to launch Macs powered by Apple Silicon during WWDC 2020. MacBooks with Apple Silicon are expected to consume less power, offer longer battery backup, produce less heat, and consume lesser space inside the laptop making MacBooks much more compact. However, the downside is that these SoCs will not be as powerful as x86 CPUs in many complex tasks. That being said, apps optimised for this platform will run smoothly.

At the moment, it looks like Apple plans to use Apple Silicon only for MacBooks. There is no word on Apple Silicon powered iMacs.

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