Apple Music on Apple TV 4 will get Siri controls early next year

BY Killian Bell

Published 29 Oct 2015

New Apple TV

Apple has confirmed that you will be able to control Apple Music on your new Apple TV 4 using Siri early next year. The music streaming service doesn’t currently support voice controls on Apple’s latest set-top box, but the company is working on it.

Siri on Apple TV already allows you to find movies and TV shows, and content you can buy or stream from the App Store and iTunes, thanks to its excellent universal search function. But as many of the early reviews have pointed out, that search function doesn’t yet work with Apple Music.

Apple has assured BuzzFeed, however, that this functionality will be available “at the beginning of next year.”

“This means that using the Apple TV remote control, people will be able to say, “Play ‘Hotline Bling’” or “Play the newest Taylor Swift album,” and Siri will take it from there,” writes Brendan Klinkenberg.

It’s not totally clear why Apple Music search wasn’t available to begin with, given that Siri can already handle this task on iOS devices. But fans of the service will be glad to hear it is on the way. This functionality may even sell more Apple Music subscriptions.

6.5 million people have already signed up to pay for the service since the free trial ended in September, and many of those who buy a new Apple TV may decide it’s worth it to stream all the music they can listen to to their TV — and control it with Siri.

If you still can’t decide whether the new Apple TV is worth it, be sure to check out our review roundup. Pre-orders have already begun shipping out to customers, and you’ll be able to buy Apple TV from Apple Stores worldwide this Friday, with prices starting at $149.