Apple Is Testing “Apple Music for Business” for Retailers like Harrods

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 20 Nov 2019

Apple is testing a new version of Apple Music for retailers. The service is called Apple Music for Business and aims at offering retail partners access to Apple Music in their stores. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is testing music streaming service for Business for the past six months.

Offering music for commercial usage is a whole new ball game. Apple has partnered with PlayNetwork for the project. The company will handle the licensing and operating part of the Apple Music for Business. In the meantime, Apple will help businesses by creating tons of personalized music playlist for individual clients.

Typically the licensing cost for playing music in a business setup is very high. Most of the time business owners need to obtain multiple licenses from music labels and even the local authorities.  Businesses can offset licensing fees with Apple Music, PlayNetwork will take care of the issues and sort out-licensing for Apple Music retail clients.

At this point in time, Apple has not revealed how much it will charge for its music streaming service for businesses. However, Apple has already netted 25 clients and is offering music streaming services at more than 10,000 store locations. Harrods, a retail space in London already has its own playlist called “Harrods Playlist.” The retailer is leveraging the service by offering music on screens in its store. With this arrangement in place, users can search and listen to their favorite music.

We were captivated by their proposition that we could have our brand reflected in our own curated playlist,” said Guy Cheston, Harrods’s director of partnerships.

Apple Music‌ for Business has so far focused on retail chains with 100 stores or more. But it plans on expanding into small and midsize businesses.

Apple is not the first one to set its foot with a music streaming service in retail space. Services like Soundtrack Your Brand and Sirius XL Holdings already offer similar services at a price point between $25 to $35.

[via The Wall Street Journal]