Apple could be considering peer-to-peer payments through texts, emails, and phone calls

BY Evan Selleck

Published 31 Dec 2015

Apple Pay iMessage payments

With the launch of Apple Pay, it was just as much about the future as it was the present, as expanding the service’s use was immediately a topic of conversation.

One of the logical next steps for Apple Pay is peer-to-peer payments, which would allow an Apple Pay user to send money to someone, probably another Apple Pay user, as easily as sending a text message. Indeed, a report released in November, citing multiple sources, suggest Apple is hard at work on bringing peer-to-peer payments to its iMessage service.

And now another report from Quartz has outlined how Apple could be considering expanding that functionality right out of the gate. According to the report, Apple has filed for a patent application in December of 2015 that outlines sending money through text messages, emails, and even in a phone call. Calendar invites are included in the options, too.

There isn’t a lot of profit in peer-to-peer payments, it seems, as the original report outlines. Companies like Facebook, which introduced the option to send money within Facebook Messenger earlier this year, are offering the option, but finding traction appears to be hard. However, this might not be a big deal for Apple, as providing peer-to-peer payments through Apple Pay by way of its built-in services, like iMessage, would simply be a means to enhance the overall experience for users.

While Apple hasn’t made any public comments on peer-to-peer payments coming to Apple Pay, the groundwork seems to be laid, at least, so it seems likely to expect something in the future.

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