Apple Promises Fix for iOS 9.3 Safari Bug That Is Causing Web Links to Crash Your Apps

BY Killian Bell

Published 29 Mar 2016

iOS 9 - Back to App

Apple has promised to rollout a fix for another bug discovered in iOS 9 which causes devices to crash when users tap a web link. The issue appears to be related to certain third-party apps, and there’s no temporary workaround you can use in the meantime.

It was originally thought that this bug was introduced with iOS 9.3, which Apple rolled out last week. However, 9to5Mac reports that it is being experience across multiple versions of iOS 9, and on many different variants of iPhone and iPad.

The bug causes devices to hang or freeze when users tap a web link in Safari, Mail, Messages, and other iOS apps. According to user investigations, it seems to stem from the certain third-party apps and the way in which they handle universal links.

One of the problematic apps was “It was found that their website association file, used by the system for the universal links feature introduced with iOS 9, was many megabytes, grossly oversized,” explains 9to5.

“This would essentially overload the daemon that had to parse these files, causing the crashing.” This has now been corrected by; it is recommended that users remove the app and reinstall it — not just update — to refresh the system caches.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problematic app. Lots of other developers have been “misusing the API,” and it’s very difficult to tell which apps are causing the problem. Fortunately, Apple won’t leave it to developers to address the problem.

“We are aware of this issue, and we will release a fix in a software update soon,” the Cupertino company said in a statement. It is reportedly working with larger developers to help them better understand the universal links APIs and prevent this issue from occurring again.

In the meantime, there is no workaround. Until Apple fixes the problem with its iOS update, users just have to put up with it, which is pretty disappointing.

[via 9to5Mac]