Apple Releases Two New iPad Pro Ad Highlighting Apple Pencil and Augmented Reality

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Jan 2018

Apple has released two new iPad Pro ads today titled “Augmented Reality” and “Take Notes.” The 15-second ads are a part of the iPad Pro advertising campaign that Apple first started last year.

The first ad highlights one can quickly drag and drop contents on the iPad Pro thanks to the new features in iOS 11, with the Apple Pencil being the perfect companion note taking tool for the tablet.

The second ad highlights how ARKit integration in iOS 11 apps can be used to experience augmented reality on a daily basis.

Apple has been highlighting various iPad Pro features through a series of ads since the release of iOS 11 last year. iOS 11 brought a number of new features to the iPad that made the tablet a better PC replacement than before. This included system-wide drag and drop, a revamped dock, a new multitasking system, and more.

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