Apple Reportedly Using A11 Chipset to Manage Heat in AirPower Prototype

BY Asif Shaik

Published 10 Apr 2020

Apple AirPower Wireless Charger

AirPower is probably the only product in Apple’s history to have been canceled even before it was launched. The company faced a tremendous amount of mocking after it canceled its only wireless charger, but Apple isn’t giving up.

It is being reported that Apple has begun working on rising the AirPower from the dead and probably launch it if everything goes right. According to the information published by YouTuber Jon Prosser, Apple engineers working from home are receiving prototype units of a hardware device codenamed C68.

Apple has reportedly asked its engineers to work on a software communication system between an upcoming product that has Apple A11 chipset inside to “dynamically manage heat.”  The company’s smartwatches use a proprietary wireless charging system and they require more energy to charge. When placed on the AirPower alongside other devices, the entire surface would overheat and combust. No wonder Apple canceled the AirPower wireless charging.

Now, Apple is trying to see if it can integrate an A11 chipset inside the AirPower replacement device that can dynamically route a different amount of power to each charging coil region for better heat management. Such a system would stop the charging mat from overheating and causing damage to itself as well as the products placed on it for wireless charging.

Our Take

There are third-party wireless chargers that can wirelessly charge two devices at once, but most of them can charge three devices at the same time, especially if one of them is an Apple Watch. It would be incredible if Apple finally manages to develop a product without skimping on quality and safety.

However, if the AirPower replacement requires an A11 or comparable processing chipset to operate safely, it would certainly raise the price of the device. And consumers don’t usually spend a lot on wireless chargers, so Apple’s ability to sell such a wireless charger gets affected.

Would you buy a wireless charger to charge three devices at once even at the cost of steep pricing when you can make do with a simple dual wireless charger and a wired charger? Let us know in the comments section below.