Apple Rumored to Switch to USB-C For 2019 iPhones Ditching Lightning Port

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Jun 2018

Apple Rumored to Switch to USB-C For 2019 iPhones Ditching Lightning Port

A supply-chain rumor claims that Apple will be switching to USB-C ports on its 2019 iPhone lineup. The report from DigiTimes is based on “sources at analog IC vendors” which essentially means its tough to verify the claims made in the report.

Apparently, there was speculation that Apple would end up using the USB-C port on its 2018 iPhone lineup but the sources claim that since Apple is still in the redesign phase, it would not be able to use the technology on its upcoming iPhones.

Apple has already switched to USB-C ports on its MacBook lineup, with only its iPad and iPhone lineup relying on Lightning connector. For its 2018 iPhone lineup, the company is expected to bundle an 18W USB-C fast charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. While the 2017 iPhones also supported fast charging, Apple continued bundling its 5W USB-A charger with the handsets.

Apple’s adoption of the USB-C port on its 2019 iPhone lineup would also greatly accelerate the adoption of the connector across the tech industry. While almost all Android OEMs have switched to the USB-C connector on their flagship devices, some continue to launch their budget devices with a microUSB port.

Our Take

As much as it would make sense for Apple to switch over to USB-C connectivity for its iPhone lineup, I doubt the company is going to make the leap. Except for being a common standard, USB-C has no other advantage over Lightning connector in a smartphone. In fact, the USB-C connector is slightly bigger than Lightning and doubts have been cast on its reliability as well.

If it does make the switch though, it would end up making the lives of millions of people out there easier as they would not have to worry about carrying a specific charger for their device.

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