Apple sends out invites to AppleSeed users for AirDrop ‘test fest’ as Yosemite launch looms

BY Evan Selleck

Published 24 Sep 2014

image Yosemite AirDrop TestFest

Now that iOS 8 has been launched, the next big software release for Apple is OS X Yosemite. The new desktop operating system doesn’t quite yet have a public launch date circled on a calendar, but it’s expected to launch in October. Ahead of that, Apple is sending out invites to some AppleSeed users to join in an AirDrop “test fest.”

The email was recently sent out by Apple to a number of AppleSeed users, which was republished by 9to5Mac. Apple is trying to bring a large number of AppleSeed users together to try out AirDrop, both new and old, in an effort to find and fix bugs before the public launch later this year. For those within the program who have received the invitation, there will be a notice within the Feedback Assistant application, which is included in the public beta for OS X Yosemite.

The invitation clearly states that those who participate in the test fest will need two Macs to try it out. That means either having two running Yosemite to test out AirDrop in its upcoming state, or one machine running Yosemite and another running Mavericks to test out the legacy features tied to AirDrop. In this specific test, though, an iOS-based device isn’t mentioned, so it looks like Apple’s primarily focused on the desktop platform ahead of Yosemite’s launch.

AppleSeed and the AirDrop engineering team would like you to join us for an AirDrop Test Fest. What’s a test fest? At Apple we often hold test fests when we want to focus our efforts on a new feature or enhanced function of OS X. Now we want to bring that experience to our seed participants. We would like you to help us test the new AirDrop in OS X Yosemite. To facilitate this we have set up a special discussion topic where everyone participating can contribute their observations and results. There is a special AirDrop survey that will be available in Feedback Assistant. It will guide you through some of things we would like you to try. We will also be providing you with information for writing up AirDrop bug reports. Interested? Here are the details.

The program is set to start today, Wednesday, September 24, and run until Friday, September, 26. For those who are invited into the program, they are supposed to report any issues, or anything positive, within a special forum, which is located in the source link below.

Did you get an invite?

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