Apple Will Stop Reporting iPhone, Mac, and iPad Unit Sales From Next Quarter

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Nov 2018

iPhone Xs Max back

Apple has been reporting unit sales for its three biggest categories for years, but that will be coming to an end.

During the earnings call today, following the public earnings report for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018, Apple confirmed that it will stop reporting unit sales starting in the first fiscal quarter of 2019. That will mark the start of Apple’s new financial year, so it looks like that will be the new precedent moving forward.

Part of the reasoning, according to Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, is due to the fact that “number of units sold in quarter is not representative of underlying state of business”. That determination has led Apple to decide to stop reporting unit sales for the three biggest revenue drives.

That is a huge shift on Apple’s part, especially in relation to the Wall Street investors who use these metrics to make assessments moving forward. It also marks, more than likely, a bigger focus on its Services category. Which would not be surprising, considering that particular category just marked itself its all time high of $10 billion in quarterly revenue all on its own.