Apple is Facing a Class Action Lawsuit for Slowing Down iPhones

BY Evan Selleck

Published 22 Dec 2017

Apple is facing a pretty big snowball effect related to the revelation that it slows down iPhones based on battery degradation.

The general consensus seems to be that while Apple may have a positive feature on its hands, it didn’t handle it very well. And apparently for at least one iPhone customer, they believe Apple handled it very, very poorly. So, a class action lawsuit has been levied against the Cupertino-based company due to the fact they purposefully slow down their smartphones.

TMZ first reported on the lawsuit, which was filed by the plaintiff Stefan Bodganovich. The lawsuit actually focuses on an iPhone 7, which Bodganovich owns. It should be noted here that the iPhone 7 was only recently updated to support the “feature” that slows down iPhones based on battery performance.

Bodganovich states that the decision by Apple to slow down older iPhones was “never requested or agreed upon,” and says that Apple is using this particular feature to coax iPhone owners to upgrade their devices on a regular basis. Bodganovich is looking to make Apple stop using this method of slowing down older iPhones, and wants damages paid for affected iPhone owners.

What started as a conspiracy theory earlier this month, one that postulated that Apple was actually slowing down older iPhones as the battery life degraded, and was subsequently backed by Geekbench scores showing a correlation, turned out to be true. All of that led to Apple officially confirming that they do indeed slow down older iPhones as the Lithium-Ion battery in the handset dies out. Apple wants iPhones to work longer, according to the company, and making sure that the processor doesn’t overtax the battery is the goal. As well as stopping random shutdowns.

This will likely not be the only lawsuit that Apple has to field due to this issue.

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