Apple Rumored to Launch iPhone With Three Rear Cameras in 2019

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 Apr 2018

iPhone X

Some trends pick up faster than others in the smartphone industry, and while dual cameras are all the rage these days, three cameras appears to be the next step.

Thankfully, camera performance in smartphones has been improving over the years, independent of how many cameras there might be installed. Still, adding more options isn’t a bad thing (in most cases), with the improvements easy to catch. The jump to a dual camera setup in the iPhone lineup made the Plus models standout in their own ways, especially tied to new features baked into the systems.

But now that a smartphone with three rear cameras exists, that might be the next logical step for the trend bandwagon. And it looks like Apple will be jumping on it next year, if a new report from Economic Daily News is any indicator. According to the publication, Apple plans on introducing an iPhone with three rear cameras late next year.

There are some details to go along with the initial rumor, including that the new camera system will include a 6P camera design, which will include a 5x zoom of some kind (it does not say whether or not it will be digital, optical, or a hybrid).

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to go on at this point. At this point, there’s no mention of whether or not this will be a feature that Apple will tie to a specific model, either, but the safe bet is that we won’t see it on whatever “standard” iPhone model that exists in 2019.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to market with this particular feature, either. The Huawei P20 Pro, which was introduced earlier this year, has three cameras on its back.

Our Take

Well, this is a nice way to continue to differentiate devices. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to see the standard iPhone with a single camera system on its back, the middle of the pack (the iPhone X’s successive lineup) with a pair of cameras on the back, and, finally, the 2019 iPhone X Plus featuring the three camera system.

What do you think of the idea? Should Apple introduce a three camera system for the iPhone next year?

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