Will Apple TV 3 be The “One More Thing…” at Tomorrow’s iPad Event?

BY Jason

Published 6 Mar 2012

Back in February, Apple TV 2 had disappeared from Best Buy’s website and few days back we had heard that Apple was stalling supplies of Apple TV 2 to channel partners, ahead of tomorrow’s event suggesting that the refresh was imminent.

Though it is available on Apple’s online store,  MacRumors now reports that 98% of Apple’s Retail Stores are out of stock of Apple TV. So it looks quite likely that Apple will also unveil the next generation Apple TV – Apple TV 3 at tomorrow’s media event, where is expected to launch the highly anticipated iPad 3.

Mac Rumors reports:

[..] we’ve been watching as more and more Apple retail stores are running dry of the current model. By our most recent count, 98% of Apple’s 246 U.S. stores are currently out of stock, leaving only four with the Apple TV available for immediate pickup during store hours [..]

[..] For those retail stores currently out of stock, the earliest an online store order placed today could be available for pickup would be March 9, although some stores are quoting pickup dates as far out as March 15. These lead times are, however, fairly typical for out of stock products that need to be shipped to a store for pickup. But being so close to Wednesday’s media event suggests that any orders would be filled with the new model. 

According to rumors, the new Apple TV will be powered either by the dual-core A5X chip or quad-core A6 chip and also offer support for 1080p video to complement iPad 3’s high resolution Retina Display. Apple could also start offering video content at higher resolution in iTunes Store.

We won’t be surprised if Apple TV 3 is the “one more thing…” at tomorrow’s event. We hope that Apple also surprises us bringing the App Store to the Apple TV.

[via Mac Rumors]