Apple (unsurprisingly) rejects game that requires you to throw an iPhone into the air

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 7 Aug 2013

There’s a game out there called “Send Me To Heaven” that’s so incredibly malicious that we can’t believe it was actually developed. The idea is really simple: Start the app, hit a button, throw your mobile phone as high up into the air as you possibly can, and see if you can get a high score.

No, we’re not making this up, there’s an app that will measure how high you can throw your $600 phone. And according to Kotaku, Apple didn’t allow this game to hit the App Store because it encouraged “behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.”

Is there an Android version? Yes, and Google doesn’t to mind that it exists, because hey, what’s so bad about one Android phone hitting the ground and shattering into a million pieces when over one million of them are being activated on a daily basis?