The Apple Watch’s 38mm and 42mm case gets 3D printed, compared to Android Wear smartwatch

BY Evan Selleck

Published 12 Mar 2015

Apple Watch compared ASUS ZenWatch

The Apple Watch comes in two variants, one bigger than the other, but while they look pretty big in Apple’s comparisons, or even on an iPhone, they actually look quite different when compared to Android Wear-based smartwatches.

Android Wear is the smartwatch platform that Google launched in 2014, and since then has seen plenty of devices launch with the platform equipped from several different manufacturers, including Motorola, Huawei, LG and ASUS. As one can imagine, the differences between the Apple Watch and Android Wear are numerous, like the fact that they are both platform specific (right now), the physical design of these smart wearables is one of the most important aspects of the accessories.

The Apple Watch comes in either a 38mm case or a 42mm case, and Twitter user @nchan wanted to see how they would compare out in the real world to something like an ASUS ZenWatch, which runs Android Wear. So, @nchan 3D printed a 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch case, and set them next to the ZenWatch to see how it looked. As revealed in the image above, the Apple Watch, in both variants, looks strikingly smaller than the ZenWatch from ASUS.

Of course, it’s just a 3D printed case model, and doesn’t include the band that will be attached to the unit, but it’s still a good indicator of just how big, or small, the Apple Watch will be.

Going further, 9to5Google, but together a list of the specifications for several different Android Wear smartwatches, and it shows a pretty striking trend: The Apple Watch, even the 42mm variant, is quite a bit smaller than the main smartwatch competitors:

  • Asus ZenWatch: 51 x 39.9 x 7.9 ~ 9.4 mm
  • LG G Watch R: 53.6 x 46.4 x 9.7 mm
  • Moto 360: 46 x 46 x 11.5 mm
  • LG G Watch: 46.5 x 37.9 x 9.95 mm
  • Sony SmartWatch 3: 51 x 36 x 10 mm
  • Samsung Gear Live: 56.4 x 37.9 x 8.9 mm
  • Huawei Watch: 42 x 42 x 11.3 mm

Compare that to the Apple Watch:

  • 38 mm model: 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 mm
  • 42 mm model: 42 x 35.9 x 10.5 mm

There’s one thing to point out, though, and that is that Apple’s Watch is a bit thicker than the Android Wear options, so the Watch will apparently sit a bit tall on a wrist when it’s finally strapped around one. That may be a small detail, though, and will ultimately come down to individual taste.

Which Apple Watch do you plan on picking up? The 38mm or 42mm option?

[via 9to5Google; @nchan]