Roundup: Apple Watch First Impressions and Hands-on Videos

BY Joe Rossignol

Published 9 Sep 2014

Apple Watch Hands On

The most exciting Apple event in recent years has finally come to a conclusion, and first impressions of the Apple Watch are beginning to surface around the web. We’ve rounded up some of the more interesting comments, opinions and first impressions from well-known publications and Apple pundits within the tech landscape ahead. 

Dieter Bohn, The Verge:

“We got our hands on the smaller model first, and it feels very solid and surprisingly light. The sapphire screen curves down to run flush with the rest of the pebble-shaped body, and the screen itself was crisp and viewable — though it did seem to be a little more reflective than I expected. The wrist strap on the model I was using felt great, I don’t know if it’s the particular variant that Jony Ive referred to as “supple,” but it certainly felt like that.”

John Biggs, TechCrunch:

“First, as a watch lover, I’m blown away. Apple has gone above and beyond the job in terms of materials and design and, more important, the interface.”

Jim Dalrymple, The Loop:

“I’m not quite sure what I expected the Apple Watch design to be, but in some ways it’s more like a watch than I anticipated. My personal expectations aside, this is a beautiful device. What Apple did with the digital crown is just genius—allowing users to scroll and zoom and move around the interface in ways that make sense, but were completely unexpected. That’s what Apple is all about—fixing problems and pain points.

I’m very impressed with the software on Apple Watch. Instead of porting the iOS interface over to the watch, Apple created a new way of navigating and interacting with a device that we’re all familiar with.”

Michael Gorman, Engadget:

“I got to try on both the regular polished steel with a leather loop strap and one of the aluminum Sport versions. As you’d expect, the build quality of each was impeccable, with a smooth scrolling crown control and a satisfyingly solid snick happening when pressing it or the button situated alongside.

The bands were both comfy, though I preferred the look and feel of the leather loop. The magnets inside the leather seem to do the job of clasping well, though without the same magnetic force as those accustomed to the MagSafe connectors found on Apple laptops. As for the rubber sport band, I had some trouble fitting the metal nubbin into its appropriate hole, and I got a little pinch on the underside of my wrist when tucking it into the band. We imagine we’d get the hang of fitting it quickly and painlessly eventually, but our first time strapping it on was not all pleasant.”

Hands-on Videos: