Apple Will Be Involved in Every Aspect of Apple Car, Claim Analysts

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 31 Aug 2021

apple car c1

Apple Car rumors never seem to die, do they? In a new report, analysts including Morgan Stanley and Katy Huberty have discussed how the Cupertino giant will be involved in every aspect of the Apple Car.

According to a report from AppleInsider, Apple will handle all the aspects of Apple Car. The report highlights how Apple will “implement its strategy into such a vehicle” and the “legacy of Apple CEO Tim Cook.” Huberty notes that Apple has been working on some type of vehicle product or production car “for years.”

“The strategy is about doing fewer things, but doing them really well, and increasing the chances of success. And so, as you said, it was years ago that we first started picking up data points that Apple would enter the auto market, and we felt it was real,” Huberty said.

The report highlights that the differentiator of the car these days is the “vertical integration of different components, hardware design, software, and ultimately, the services that can be delivered in that automobile.” “It’s about consumer trust and credibility, and certain brand when it comes to a consumer product. And all of those categories are ones where Apple is a leader,” Huberty said.

Talking about vertical integration, Huberty means to say that Apple will likely control every aspect of the car, including design, software features, and even the car’s internal components and technologies. Analysts believe that Apple Car would create its own user base for the company.

Yes, there will be an important element around what services will become available in an automobile once the driver’s focus and attention is freed up, but first they have to get the car right. You and I have debated this before. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple comes to market with an EV, right? A car that looks similar to automobiles that are on the market today with a steering wheel. They did this with the iPhone where in the first iPhone, there was no app store. It was first about getting the hardware right.

Apple Car still seems like a project that is years away. Tim Cook is said to be heading a major project at Apple before he steps down from the CEO position, but that product is believed to be the upcoming AR/VR headset. If it ever becomes a reality, what features do you expect from Apple Car? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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