Apple Watch is official, offers a square design, different color options, comes in two sizes and more

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 Sep 2014

Apple Watch

We’ll update the post as more details are available. Please follow our live blog for the coverage of the iPhone event as it happens.

Apple has officially announced the Apple Watch, their first wearable within the smartwatch category.

image Apple WAtch10

As far as features go, the watch is precise, insofar that it is synced with the universal time standard. This can be adjusted, though.

image Apple WAtch10

The main feature, though, is the main input method, known as the Digital Crown. With it, you can quickly go back to the Home screen. Or, you can twist it to zoom in, if you’d like. The device’s screen is a touchscreen, and you can swipe to “glance” through information as you need it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.13.48 PM

image Watch display

The Watch’s display is sapphire glass. It can also tell the difference between a “tap” and a “press,” where the latter works as right-click option for elements on the display.

image Watch bands3

Apple has created six different straps that connect to the body of the Watch with a specific kind of slot. This kind of attachment will make swapping bands for the Watch very simple and fast.

image Apple small Watch

Apple also announced that there will be two variants of the Watch, and it will come with smaller, matching bands.

image Apple Watch lineup2

There are multiple options for the casing as well, up to three, and a growing list of supported straps.

image Apple watch demo

If you want to use an Apple Watch, you’ll need to have an iPhone, as confirmed by Apple during the event.

image Apple Watch11

Apple is calling their press, or right-click option for the Watch, “force touches.” This will let you manipulate more items, customize the display in certain areas and more.

image Watch text notification

There is a “taptic engine” within the Watch that offers subtle vibrations for notifications right against your wrist. When you get a notification, you swipe up from the bottom of the Watch’s display to act on the notification, whether that means to accept or decline a call, or to reply to a text message.

image Watch emoji

You can reply to message via voice commands, or to have your Watch transcribe a message for you. There is no keyboard present on the wearable. There is also emoji support.

image Watch Siri

It should not be surprising that Siri is also built into the Watch.

image Watch Photos

The Watch will also have access to your Photos, which you can zoom in and out of with the Digital Crown.

image Watch contacts

There is a dedicated button on the Watch for “digital touch,” an application that allows you to communicate directly with another Watch user. Once you access the connected contacts list, you can press the button and send drawings to one another that you create on the Watch’s face. You can also send your heartbeat, which will then translate as rhythmic vibration on the other person’s wrist.

imag Watch drawing

image Watch WatchKit

Apple has introduced WatchKit, which will let developers build third-party apps for the Watch. That already includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, American Airways and more.

image Watch Twitter

The Watch also includes a standalone workout application, which can measure distance, the duration of a session and the calories the person burns.

image Watch workout

The Watch, in a rather unprecedented move, can actually be used as a walkie talkie. It can also be used to control an Apple TV, and act as the viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera.

image Watch:iPhone 6

image Watch support

The Watch will support not only the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5.

image Watch pricing

It will cost $349. It will launch in early 2015, with no exact date provided.

image Apple Watch Pay

Apple also confirmed, after revealing the price tag, that the device will work with Apple Pay.


We’ll update the post as more details are available. Please follow our live blog for the coverage of the iPhone event as it happens.

[images via The Verge]