Australian Teenager Sentenced to 8 Months Probation for Hacking into Apple’s Servers

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Sep 2018

Remember the Australian High school teenager who had managed to hack into Apple’s servers multiple times over the course of a year and stole around 90GB of customer data? Well, he has now been handed his punishment.
He has been sentenced to eight months of probation and no jail time. This is despite the magistrate calling the offense “serious, sustained, and sophisticated.” However, he has likely been let off lightly due to his age when he carried out the crime.

At the time of hacking, the Australian teenager was 16 years old, though he is now an adult. It is also for the same reason that his identity cannot be revealed as per Australian laws.

Contrary to the original report though, investigators managed to recover around 1TB of data from the teenager’s PC. He was also helped by another teenager younger to him.

Investigators in the case recovered about 1 Terabyte of sensitive information copied from the tech giant’s systems during attacks, a prosecutor told an earlier hearing. The teenager, and a second, younger boy, had “modified and copied a large volume of data that was sensitive both from a privacy and commercial point of view,” and showed a high degree of skill and persistence, the prosecutor said.

Apple on its part had already clarified that no personal data of its customers were breached. The hack was discovered by Apple’s internal team and its damage contained.

The teenager dreamt of working for Apple, though he boasted about his hack on WhatsApp and other international hacking communities.

[Via Bloomberg]