Best Buy adding Apple Pay support in retail stores this fall, in-app beginning today

BY Evan Selleck

Published 27 Apr 2015

Best Buy logo

In mid-September, it was reported that some big-box retailers were not planning on supporting Apple Pay, the company’s mobile payments solution.

Best Buy was one of those companies listed, including Walmart, but that idea has apparently been changed within the company, as it has been confirmed that Best Buy will in fact begin support Apple Pay beginning today, April 27. The transition will start within the Best Buy iOS app, which is available as a free download. From within the app, Best Buy shoppers will be able to use Apple Pay as a means to checkout beginning today, once the app is updated.

Best Buy was one of the companies that was part of the coalition to bring the “Current-C” mobile payments option to market, but that apparently has not panned out as well as the company might have hoped. Now, Best Buy’s official Twitter account, as seen above, has confirmed Apple Pay will be officially supported.

Best Buy will begin supporting Apple Pay within its retail stores this fall, for those that still prefer to shop inside a store.


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