The Best iPhone 6 Cases

BY Jason

Published 18 Sep 2014

The iPhone 6 goes on sale tomorrow, September 19th, and you’ll likely want to purchase a case along with your device to provide extra protection to your shiny new iPhone. So here are the best new iPhone 6 cases.

While upgrades from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s didn’t require you to purchase a new case, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come in all-new sizes, as well as a new design with repositioned buttons and rounded edges. The design and schematics of the iPhone 6 were leaked quite some time ago, so it’s no surprise that case manufacturers have iPhone 6 cases ready even before the device’s launch.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Leather Case

Apple’s leather case is made from premium, hand-crafted leather treated with high-quality aniline dye, designed to fit perfectly over the curved form of the iPhone 6 with color-matched microfiber interior to keep the smartphones protected. As the case is designed to be form-fitting on the iPhone 6, it is also very slim and does not add a lot of bulk.

The iPhone 6 Leather case is priced at $45 and is available in the following colors: brown, black, beige, navy blue and red.

Buy Now: $45

iphone 6 leather case

Apple’s iPhone 6 Silicone Case

The Silicone case is a new custom-fit case that covers the iPhone 6 while maintaining an incredibly slim form factor. The camera remains protected beneath the case and, like the Leather Case, it has a soft microfiber lining that cushions the entire iPhone. The case has a smooth finish on the outside.

The case is priced at $35 and is available in the following colors: black, sky blue, pink, green, white and red. You can purchase it from Apple’s Online Store.

Buy Now: $35

iphone 6 silicone case

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen’s Slim Armor is a slim, yet a strong case for the iPhone 6 that absorbs shock and protects your device along the top, bottom, and corners — the areas most affected in case of a drop. It comes with a dual layered casing, a form-fitted design and a dual toned back with a glossy bezel.

You can purchase the case for $15.99 from the link below. It is available in the following colors: red, gunmetal, slate, silver and white.

Buy Now: $15.99

spigen slim armor iphone 6

Ventev Aria

The Ventev Aria is a Silicone iPhone 6 case whose highlight is its griplines at the back that help you get a better grip on the device and prevent it from slipping off your hand. Along with the griplines, the case also has a dotted pattern at the back

It is available in black/grey and pink/white variants, and can be bought from this link for $25.

Buy Now $25

ventev aria

Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor case is another iPhone 6 case by Spigen. It is thicker than the Slim Armor, but offers even better protection from drops, slips and scratches. The Tough Armor case also has an “S” variant that comes with a kickstand that supports resting your iPhone in two angles.

You can buy the Tough Armor, and the Tough Armor with Kickstand from the links below. The Tough Armor comes in black, gold, silver and gunmetal while the Tough Armor Kickstand comes in blue, mint and metal slate.

Buy Now: Tough Armor: $15.99

➤ Buy Now: Tough Armor with Kickstand: $24.99

spigen tough armor case

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox is known for making rugged cases for the iPhone, and the Defender is its ultra rugged case for the iPhone 6. The polycarbonate case will protect your iPhone from dirt, drops, scratches and slips. It comes with a screen protector, a belt-clip holster that also doubles up as a kickstand and a foam coating on the inside to ensure the impact from a shock is minimised.

The Otterbox Defender is available in 8 colors including black, grey, red, green and purple.

Buy Now: $49.95


Incipio Feather

The Incipio Feather’s highlight is its lightweight and slim design, that protects the iPhone 6 against shocks and scratches without adding a lot of bulk to your device. It is made out of Polycarbonate and has a shock absorbing interior foam coating.

Buy Now: $24.99

incipo iphone 6

We’re big fans of BookBook’s iPhone cases, and the company says BookBook for iPhone 6 should be coming soon.

Do you plan to buy a case for your new iPhone 6? Which one do you plan to get?