The best way to share 4K videos from iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 Dec 2015

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have the ability to shoot at a 4K resolution, which means that these videos will have 4x times more pixels than a normal Full HD video. However, even if we all agree that shooting 4K videos is great, those files start to get really, really big. So big that sharing 4K videos isn’t as simple as we would like. 

The best way to share the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 4K Videos

As we discussed before, one minute of 4K video is about 375 MB. That’s almost three times the size for the default 1080p video at 130MB. So, when trying to share these videos you have to make sure to keep note of how big your 5-minute video is going to be. Once you have finished filming your 4K video and would like to share it, there are some options out there for you.


If you are sharing your 4K video with someone who has an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or later or a Mac on Yosemite or later you can quickly share that large 4K video with them with ease. There is no file size limit and as long as both devices are using Bluetooth and on the same Wi-Fi network there should be no problem sharing your video.



If you want to stay on your iPhone and skip the need to hook up to a computer, most of the big players have photo/video-specific apps that you can download onto your device. That means you do not have to rely on iCloud Drive or AirDrop to share you 4K video directly from your phone. Google has Google Photos (iTunes link), Dropbox has Carousel (iTunes link) which will be killed soon, and Box has Box Capture (iTunes link). All of these apps and more just like them can be downloaded for free in the App store. The advantage of using apps like these is that you can record your 4K video upload it to your favorite photo storing app, and share it with your friend all through the wonderful cloud. If you wanted, these application could replace your Camera Roll completely. All photos or videos taken on your iPhone would just save to the app of your choice.

Photo Apps - 4k

Dropbox or Box

These two similarly named cloud storage companies will be able to help you store and share your 4K video. All you need to do is drag or upload the video to a folder on your Box or Dropbox account. The only thing you’ll need is enough space to upload the 4K movie file or files. When you upload files to either Box or Dropbox you can share those files by creating a link. This link can be accessed by anyone you send it to, even if they do not have Box or Dropbox.

Dropbox Links

These services make it easy to share large files via the cloud without either party needing to download it to their devices directly. Of course Box and Dropbox are not the only cloud storage services out there, so feel free to check out the many other player in the market.


If you have iCloud Drive enabled, your video will automatically save to any of your connected devices. This is of course the easiest way to get a 4K video from one device to another, albeit they will be your own devices. You could also sign into your iCloud account on the device of the person you wish to share your 4K video with and download it that way.

But, the most efficient way to share a 4K video using iCloud would be to create a Shared Album. By creating a shared album, you can make it available at a public web address. This means that people who aren’t iCloud users to view your videos. Just make sure you turn on the Public Website option in your shared album settings.

Google Drive…

Google Drive is usually my go-to for sharing or saving files online. But you actually cannot upload a 4K video to the service. Google automatically downgrades the 4K videos to 1080p. So, just keep that note in mind. Similar to Dropbox and Box, you can share files uploaded to Google Drive via a URL link. Simply email the person you want to share your video with, with a link to the file on Drive. But, as we stated above, Google Photos may be the better option.


If you don’t even want to deal with having the video actually taking up space on anyones device, you can share a 4K video on YouTube. Simply upload the video as you would any other video. Once you hit the gear icon to access the Settings, you’ll see the option to view the video in 4K. You can upload 4K videos to Vimeo as well.

4K Video Sample

4K videos do look great, but unless the file size decreases, sharing 4K videos through standard means like text or email is going to be pretty unlikely. Luckily there are plenty of other options to get these high-resolution videos out to the people you want to share them with.

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