Blux Camera Innovative, Easy UI for Taking Great Pictures

BY Tris Hussey

Published 29 Oct 2012

I’m a big fan of camera apps. I have tons of them. Sure I mostly use the built-in Camera app (because I can get to it from the lock screen) and Instagram, but that doesn’t mean I ignore all other apps (hardly!). I saw Blux this morning and thought I’d give it a shot—especially since it’s free right now (for a limited time).

Let’s start with their P.E.A.R. system for analyzing the scene to give you the best results. You tap the little icon in the top left corner (see screenshots below) and a voice reads out your location, weather, and the display gives you all sorts of other information. Yes, there is a real geek factor to the app that I dig. In the end, it takes a few seconds, the voice (it’s female, btw) suggests a filter setting and if you tap it…you’re set.

2012-10-29 10.48.05.png

2012-10-29 10.53.35.png

Below are a couple pics I took with the suggested settings (Toronto for the screen and Sydney for the keyboard):

2012-10-29 10.51.18.jpg

2012-10-29 10.53.04.jpg

The basic mechanics of taking a picture are right there…but the cool stuff happens when you start holding and swiping.

Swipe from the right to the left you get all the filter settings (and there are lots). Swipe from left to right for playing with sharpening, saturation, brightness, and contrast before you take the picture. Swipe from the top you get to the settings. (you have to be pretty precise with your finger to get the settings instead of other shooting settings like flash and switching to front camera).

Since this app is free, and will be $3 soon, I have no trouble recommending you try it (App Store link), however on my iPhone 4 (oh to have an iPhone 5), I found the swiping to be imprecise. In tutorials, settings, picking filters, etc I found it hard to get Blux to stop at the point I wanted. It would either jump ahead or not at all. I found just tapping the next option helped, but…that’s a little annoying when you know what you want to jump to already.

The P.E.A.R. function is very cool and did suggest good filters for what I was shooting, however I know this would slow you down when you want to take a shot right away. Sure, getting the settings once and then shooting away is the way around this, but I would love to see an option to apply settings afterwards so you can shoot fast then adjust.

Still, the app is free for the time being and despite the few flaws, I think it’s an app that photo geeks should grab and try out.

[Hat tip: Blux Camera Is The App Rick Deckard Would Use | Cult of Mac]