CallBar X for iOS 11 Completely Redesigns the Call Interface on Jailbroken iPhone

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 12 Aug 2018

callbar x ios 11 jailbreak tweak

If you’ve been hanging around the jailbreak community for a while, you must be familiar with a well known tweak called CallBar that redesigns the call interface on jailbroken iOS devices. The good news is that the developer has now released an updated version of the tweak, called CallBar X, which supports jailbroken iOS 11 devices and has been designed to work with iPhone X as well.

Normally, when you receive a phone call on your iPhone, the entire screen changes to display a full-screen call interface which can be very obtrusive if you’re working on an important task on your iPhone, watching a video, or playing games. CallBar X redefines the way in which the incoming call screen is displayed by replacing the full-screen call interface with a compact banner displayed at the top or the bottom of the screen whenever there’s an incoming or outgoing call. This non-intrusive banner allows you to continue using your device without any disturbance.

Whenever you receive a call, the CallBar interface allows you to easily answer, decline, or dismiss calls while using other applications. In the case of outgoing calls, it is similar. You can continue to use your device during a phone call. The only difference is that the interface changes to show the related call options.

callbar x ios 11 jailbreak tweak

Apart from native phone calls and FaceTime calls, CallBar X supports calls from third-party VoIP apps as well, such as WhatsApp, and Viber.


The best feature of CallBar X is the abundant customization options that it provides. Once you install the tweak, head to its preferences pane in Settings and you’ll find tons of options that allow you to customize the tweak’s interface the way you want and add or remove extra features.

Off all the options that CallBar X provides, the most notable ones are the ability to switch between dark mode and light mode, adjust the position of the call banner, and switch between minimal or normal view.

Here’s all the settings that the tweak provides:

callbar x ios 11 jailbreak tweak

With all the amazing features that CallBar X provides and the benefits that it brings, this tweak is a must-have if you’ve jailbroken your iOS 11 device.

If you’re in to give this tweak a try, CallBar X can be download right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once installed, head over to the tweak’s preferences pane to purchase the full license for $3.99, which in my opinion is worth every penny.

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