This Is the Case That Apple Should Have Shipped With the AirPods Max

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 Dec 2020

The Smart Case that Apple bundles with the AirPods Max have been ridiculed for being of absolutely little use. It barely offers any protection from dents and dings which is what the AirPods Max would be subjected to when one throws them in a bag while traveling. If you plan on buying the AirPods Max or have already purchased one, you should also consider buying WaterField’s case for the AirPods Max.

The company is calling its AirPods Max case the Shield Case. It is made from leather and offers three layers of protection ensuring that your expensive AirPods Max is always protected. The internal of the case also has an ultra-plush finish. It also has slots to fit a 20W power block and a compartment at the rear where one can keep a Lightning cable or other such accessories.

There’s also a magnetic leather butterfly inside the case to trigger the ultra-low power mode of the AirPods Max. The dual-zipper design of the case means you can charge your AirPods Max while keeping it inside the case.

AirPods Max WaterField Case

The good thing about the WaterField Shield Case is that it allows one to store their AirPods Max with the Smart Case on as well so there’s no need to get rid of Apple’s bundled case.

WaterField is offering the AirPods Max Shield case in black, blue, crimson, and chocolate leather finish. Just like the AirPods Max though, the Shield Case from WaterField is also expensive at $99. You can order it now, though it will start shipping from January 8th itself as the first batch of units has already sold out. If you own an AirPods Max or have one on order, this WaterField case is a no-brainer.

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