This Company Claims Its Customized iPhone 11 Covered by Gold and Silver Can Keep COVID-19 Away

BY Asif Shaik

Published 17 Mar 2020

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Caviar Gold Silver Version

You might know that there are design firms that sell custom-made iPhones that are laden with gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones. Caviar is one of those brands, and it has claimed that its new range of customized iPhone 11 series can ward off the COVID-19 virus.

Caviar is a Russian design firm that sells customized iPhones and Samsung smartphones that are covered with precious metals and stones. Earlier today, it released a new range of customized iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones that are laden with gold and silver.

The phones are clad in 925 sterling silver, and the symbols on them are made using 18K gold. The company claims that due to the antimicrobial properties of gold and silver, along with protective symbols, the phones can keep viruses like COVID-19 at bay.

The customized iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in four versions: Blooming Lotus, Dragon, Hand Of Fatima, and St. Nicholas. The Blooming Lotus version is for people who believe in Indian and eastern wisdom. The Dragon version is for those who believe in the Asian culture. The Hand Of Fatima amulet is said to protect from damage and evil eyes. People come to St. Nicholas to ask for curing diseases and illnesses.

One of the brand’s representatives said, “In difficult times, we go to the higher forces for protection and patronage. Someone find peace in religion, someone restore[s] their peace of mind by addressing to ancient talismans. The modern world meets us with hard times that require [the] mobilization of all inner and outer recourses. This is why the collection of iPhone 11 Pro amulet designs in the silver bodies is designed to help overcome all the obstacles on our way.

The cheapest version of Caviar’s iPhone 11 Pro (64GB variant) is the one with the symbol of Hand Of Fatima, and it starts at $5,290 and goes up from there. The Blooming Lotus and Dragon versions cost $5,750 (and up) for the iPhone 11 Pro. The St. Nicholas version costs $5,950. Higher storage variants cost more, and you can check out all the prices on the company’s website.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Caviar Gold Silver Collection

Our Take

If you have the money and the belief to spend on these customized iPhones, there’s no stopping you. However, we would still advise you to invest in a UV-C based sanitizer and the self-quarantine method if you don’t want to get affected by the COVID-19 virus. Not traveling, unless really necessary, and checking out our article to find out the best ways to disinfect your iPhone without damaging it.

[Source: Caviar]