Deal: Get 2 Months Spotify Premium and Google Home Mini for $0.99

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Dec 2018

If you are looking to score a Google Home for cheap, Spotify has you covered. The music streaming provider is giving away free Google Home mini to its Family Plan subscribers for free. But when you make use of Spotify’s another ongoing promotion, you get an even better deal: 3 months of Spotify Premium and Google Home mini for $0.99.

There’s only catch though: if you are already an existing Spotify Premium subscriber, you cannot take advantage of this deal. This offer is only for new subscribers residing in the US.

The steps are relatively simple as well. Head over to Spotify’s website and sign up for Spotify Premium. You will be availing the offer where you will have to only pay $0.99 (+taxes) for a three-month subscription. During the signup process, you will have to enter your credit card details.

Once done, proceed to upgrade your plan to Spotify Premium Family. This will allow you to share your Spotify account with up to four other family or friends. During the process, you will have to enter your credit card details again. The screen will also show that you will be charged $14.99/month but worry not as this will only be charged after the trial period. The switch to Premium Family will lead to your trial period reducing from three months to two months.

After you upgrade to Spotify Premium Family, you will get an email from Spotify explaining how you can get a free Google Home mini. If you don’t get the email instantly, wait for a few hours. Use the link in the email to order yourself a free Google Home Mini.

Do note that your Spotify Premium Family subscription will automatically renew itself at the end of two months at which point you will be charged $14.99. If you like using Spotify Premium Family, you can continue with the subscription or you can set up a reminder to cancel the subscription a day or two before it is about to renew.