Excerpts from Live Chat with iPhone Dev Team

BY Jason

Published 15 Jul 2008

You might have just watched the video clip of what the iPhone Dev Team claim to be the worlds first jailbroken iPhone 3G. If you are done watching the videos and want some questions answered. No problem!

Erica Sadun over at TUAW just had a live chat with Pytey of the iPhone Dev Team who has answered most of questions, we all wanted to ask about, such as when will their Pwnage tool be released, will it work to unlock iPhone 3G etc.

Excerpts from the live chat with the iPhone Dev Team after the jump.

Q: When will the jailbreak be released?

Pytey: It shouldn’t be too long now, we had some good reasons for delay (the announcement of the 3G iPhone). So just hang on 🙂

Q: Several of our readers want to know about hacktivation. They want to use the iPhone 3G with non-iPhone account AT&T sims. Will the dev team deliver a tool that helps with this?

Pytey: Well, jailbreaking is the first step to an unlock. PwnageTool doesn’t unlock 3G devices (yet).

So the answer is no on that front. But our boffins are working on it.

Q: Will it be possible to have both app store apps and installer apps on the same device? (had missed this question in the original post, thanks Nonsanity for highlighting it)

Pytey: Yes, AppStore and Installer.app and cydia will all coexist fine.

Q: What about signing? All official Apple applications must be signed by an approved developer in order to run properly on an iPhone.

Pytey:  Well, applications need to be signed to work on the phones. We have a process for this. All will be revealed with the release.

Q: Will unlocking be available for 2G iPhone upgraded to 2.0?

Pytey: Yes, PwnageTool 2.0 unlocks 1st gen. phone. (even if it was upgraded to 2.0).

Q: Several readers want to know whether you personally have an unlocked 3G iPhone right now. (Some mention "on your person", "in your pocket", and "in your hands")

Pytey: I can’t comment on that right now.

Q: Will there be an unlock for Windows users?

Pytey: There is a cross platform tool being worked on, but the immediate release is the Mac version.

Q: Do you expect a public jailbreak release within, say, the next two weeks?

Pytey:  Watch this space! 😉 Lets just say we are warming up the Bittorrent trackers.

Q: How will the 2.0 framework changes (there are significant ones! these are the library that power the iPhone) affect Installer app? Will old applications still work?

Pytey: Applications will need to be fixed and recompiled, there are loads of fantastic apps that didn’t make it into the AppStore, so these will be offered by installer.app and cydia. Great apps are being prepared to be distributed on installer.app it will be a great compliment to the Appstore.

So based on the above answers from Pytey, it appears that we will first see the release of the Pwnage tool 2.0 for iPhone firmware 2.0 which I am guessing will work only on the original iPhone as of now. It also appears that App Store might not work with the jailbroken iPhone and we will need to depend on the Installer app to install the native iPhone apps. Pytey has also clarified that the AppStore, Installer app and Cydia will coexist.

However, the good news is the first milestone towards unlocking iPhone 3G has been crossed.

Thanks Pytey and the rest of the iPhone Dev Team for answering our questions and Erica Sadun for making it possible. In case you want to see the live chat, follow this link.

Now that your questions have been answered, the comment section is all yours to tell us what you think.

Breaking News: iPhone Dev Team have Released Pwnage Tool 2.0


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