Disney+ Throwing ‘Unable to Connect’ Error for Subscribers on Launch Day

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Nov 2019

Trying to sign up for Disney+ or stream content from it and running into issues? Well, don’t blame your internet connection because the issue is with Disney’s servers. The streaming service seems to be facing some launch day woes probably due to an influx of users.

Most users are reporting an ‘Unable to connect to Disney+’ error message on the Disney+ app on their iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Fire TV. Some users are able to log into the service successfully but are running into issues while trying to stream content.

The issue is likely being caused by a massive number of users trying to sign up or log into Disney+. Disney is already looking into the issues and it should get around to resolving them within the next few hours.

Disney+ launched earlier today in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. Disney+ has a massive advantage in terms of content library over Apple TV+. The streaming service has almost 7.500 shows and movies available for streaming on launch day. In comparison, Apple TV+ launched at the beginning of this month with a total of eight shows and almost all of them were panned by critics.

Apple TV+ does have an advantage in terms of pricing and availability as it is already available worldwide and Apple is giving away a free year of subscription to millions of new iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV subscribers. Even otherwise, Apple TV+ costs $4.99/monthly while Disney+ costs $6.99/month. The latter is also only available in three countries for now and will launch in parts of Europe and the U.K. in March 2020 while Apple TV+ is already available worldwide.

Have you checked out Disney+ yet? Or are you also getting an error while trying to log into the service?

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