Durability Test: Reviewer Breaks the Apple Watch Ultra with a Hammer

BY Dave Johnson

Published 26 Sep 2022

durability test

In a recent durability test, a YouTuber repeatedly hits the Apple Watch Ultra with a hammer to see if the sapphire crystal display breaks. 

Apple specifically created its new Apple Watch Ultra for adventurers and explorers. As such, the watch comes in a design that appeals to its target audience. 

For example, the Apple Watch’s titanium casing rises to surround a flat sapphire crystal. As a result, the watch should withstand a tremendous amount of direct and edge impact. It’s no wonder that the tech giant describes the watch as its most rugged and durable Apple Watch yet. 

But how durable is the Apple Watch Ultra exactly? That’s the question that YouTube tech channel, TechRax seeks to answer in its test. 

The test begins with dropping the Apple Watch Ultra from roughly four feet above the ground. While the drop results in a minor dent along the titanium casing, the device was primarily left unscratched. 

Next, the TechRax reviewer mixes the Apple Watch Ultra in a jar of nails to see whether it’ll scratch easily. Besides a speck of slight dirt on the band, the jar of nails left no visible mark on the watch. 

That brings us to the ultimate test — hammer durability. 

Ultimate Durability Test: Hitting the Apple Watch Ultra with a Hammer

TechRax repeatedly hits the Apple Watch Ultra’s sapphire glass crystal with a hammer for this part of the review. 

After continually striking the watch with a hammer for a few seconds, the screen remained undamaged. However, the device’s display did not turn on, indicating that the impact may have damaged some internal components. Also, the board behind the Apple Watch Ultra had suffered minor damage. 

The reviewer hits the Apple Watch Ultra several times more before finally breaking the sapphire crystal display.

Note that TechRax’s test does not portray a realistic usage of the Apple Watch Ultra. However, it can give potential buyers an idea of the sapphire crystal display’s durability. 

Watch the full video here: