DxOMark: iPhone XS Max Has ‘One of the Best Smartphone Cameras Ever,’ Beats Google Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 9

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Oct 2018

iPhone XS Max in hand

DxOMark is out with its analysis of the iPhone XS Max camera where it scored an impressive score of 105 placing it ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 2, though behind Huawei’s 40MP monster, the P20 Pro.

The report praises the “outstanding video quality in bright light” with wide dynamic range, vivid colors, and high levels of details. The video stabilization has also been improved which does a great job of keeping shakes to a minimum. It also praised the image quality in bright light claiming its “excellent all around” with high levels of detail, pleasant colors, and spot-on exposure. The iPhone XS Max managed a Photo score of 110 points thanks to it reliably and “consistently capturing good results shot after shot.”

iPhone XS DxoMark Score

There’s room for improvement though, with the zoom photos of the iPhone XS Max having a lot of luminance noise and less details when compared to the Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei P20 Pro. There’s also noticeable luminance noise in low light and dark areas of high-contrast images where Apple can further improve the imaging performance of its latest iPhones.

The Portrait mode on the iPhone XS Max is “one of the best” in the business. While it does falter from time to time, Apple has improved it since the iPhone X and it captures Portrait photos with better details than the P20 Pro.

iPhone XS DxoMark Score

For videos, the iPhone XS Max managed a score of 96 which might not be as high as its photo score but its still pretty impressive. Its wide dynamic range, accurate autofocus, and impressive stabilization are among its key strengths. In low-light, the details in videos drop significantly and there’s also a lot of luminance noise.

The report also notes that thanks to improved sensor readout, the iPhone XS Max has less rolling shutter effect than the likes of the Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 9.

Overall, DxOMark notes the iPhone XS Max comes with “one of the best mobile cameras” ever tested by them. It also offers a noticeable improvement over the iPhone X in many areas and its a “surefire option for any mobile photographer.”

What do you think about the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max camera performance? Do you think its as good as the Google Pixel 2 or Galaxy Note 9?