The Apple Watch Looks Like an Original Mac in Elago’s W3 Charging Stand

BY Evan Selleck

Published 5 Jan 2017

There are a variety of different charging stands out there for the Apple Watch, and now there’s one out there that makes the wearable look like a classic Apple computer.

As surfaced by MacRumors from a post discovered on Reddit, the W3 Charging Stand from Elago is an accessory that turns the Apple Watch into the original, classic Macintosh. The charging stand fits both the 38mm and 42mm variants, and it’s a Nightstand Mode-only stand. It comes in the off-white shade, as well as a black option.

The charging stand is made from silicone, and it’s available from Elago’s website for $13.49. (It’s also available from Amazon for $11.99.)

[via MacRumors; Reddit; Elago]